Hey there 👋

If you are a developer like me, there's a big chance that you’re enjoying this new Working From Home situation.

In fact, this might be the most productive you have been in a long time!

When you get rid of the constant interruptions at the office, you can really focus and get into a state of flow.

But too much focus over long periods of time can make your brain feel like it is on fire.

Not all interruptions are bad.

When someone in the office asks if you "want to go and grab a coffee”, they are actually saying “I see you're working so hard that you are hardly working anymore”.

(Or they are just an extrovert who needs another person to be "extroverty" with and you happened to be there)

Either way, the short break away from your screen and the modest exercise made it worth the effort.

You come back after the break with more energy.

And often with a solution to the hard problem you were working on.

So how can you recreate this when you are working from home?

Randomly having virtual coffee with coworkers could be a solution.

But I'm an introvert, so I don’t consider that a break.

It just drains my precious focus even more!

A better way is to intentionally make room for breaks by dividing your work into smaller pieces and take breaks between.

What if there was a way to both keep your flow AND get the break from the screen?

I am building this product with your focus and deep work as my highest priority.
Because that is what I care about.
I want you to feel good about the work you did at the end of the day.

Which I think Employee Wellness is all about; employees going home from work feeling well.

I'll give you

  • Friendly interruptions that you can notice, ignore and come back to when you are done thinking.
  • Breaks that actually recharge your energy.

It all starts with a Short Break From Work.
That you do a lot of times.
Over a longer period of time.

Sounds like something you or your team needs?

Tobias Talltorp