Remote work is awesome, but also...

Your shoulders hurt...
Back-to-back meetings are frying your brain..
Your energy is zapped and it's only lunchtime..
This makes me sad!
Because it's so easy to fix!

But before I show you a list of all the features, I'll let one of my users explain what it does for her...

Working from home, I easily get so caught up in work that I forget everything else.

The Short Break From Work app reminds me to take an active break every now and then, which gets my energy levels up and my body moving.

It nudges rather than nags and never gets intrusive. And I love the wide variety of different breaks it offers.
Helen Toomik
Senior Developer, tretton37

With Helens perfect explanation, let's see what makes it work so well for her!

(No sound, I promise!)

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Not fully convinced yet?
Let me give you a rundown of all the features

Same is boring All the breaks you need.
And then some!

The important thing is that you take a break. Not what you do.
But to make it easy for you to pick, I've divided the breaks into three simple categories.

💪 Move your body

🙆 Stretch a little

🧘 Relax for a while

Nudge, don't nag Reminders that fits your schedule

We're all different and that's a good thing!

Some people loves reminders on a schedule.
Some people (like me) are distracted my them and need a bit more control.

Which is why I made reminders that work for everyone and their unique situation.

🤷 For non-planners
Ad-hoc reminders when you are about to loose yourself in work

🍅 For productivity nerds
Pomodoro timer built right into Slack

📆 For scheduling champions
Same time every day. Set it and forget it

☀️ For "clean slate" planners
Plan your day each morning

👀 Read more about how the reminders work!

Help each other Get everyone activated with fun and healthy challenges

Creating a fun and simple challenge is surpricingly hard.
Getting people to participate is even harder.

So I have created a few ones that gets you started!

🎯 Move once a day
🎯 Take a minute to relax
🎯 Get up and stretch

👀 Read more about the challenges!

Track trends, not people Stats that keep you and your team on track

Charts, graphs and numbers are good for presenting stuff to management.
But they don't do much in terms of helping anyone get better.

So I focus on making stats that helps you stay motivated and follow up on goals you set.

As an example, I've show you your weekly stats where

  • When you completed a break
  • If you want a reminder every morning to plan your day, it’s right there in the reminder
  • Easily accessible in the app home tab

But of course there are some graphs charts and numbers there as well...

Feel like your team could use a break?

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That's gonna cost me like a gazillion dollars, right!?


Ha ha! Sure, I wouldn't mind a gazillion dollars..

But in all seriousness...

I want to keep things simple. It makes our relationship that much easier!

How many features do you get?
👉 All of them!

How much boring admin work do I have to do?
👉 Practically none..

I'll onboard people the moment they interact with the app the first time.
All you need to do is make sure to spread the word about it by creating challenges and taking breaks yourself.
You can of corse explicitly add a person if you want to.

So... will my cost run away the moment I add new people?
👉 Nope! Because you buy in bulk.

Every 200 employees cost $50/month.

Feel convinced?

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The secret no-one is telling you about...

Working from home is actually really really hard!

Naive little Tobias on a beach thinking remote work is easy

If you’re an introvert like me, I think you’re enjoying this new Working From Home.

In fact, this might be the most productive you have been in a long time!

When you get rid of the constant interruptions at the office, you can really focus and get into a state of flow.

But too much focus over long periods of time can make your brain feel like it is on fire.

Not all interruptions are bad.

When someone in the office asks if you “want to go and grab a coffee”, they are actually saying “I see you’re working so hard that you are hardly working anymore”.
(Or they are just an extrovert who needs another person to be “extroverty” with and you happened to be there)

Either way, the short break away from your screen and the modest exercise made it worth the effort.

You come back after the break with more energy.

And often with a solution to the hard problem you were working on.

So how can you recreate this when you are working from home?

Randomly having virtual coffee with coworkers could be a solution.

But remember… I’m an introvert! So I don’t consider that a break.

It just drains my precious focus even more!

A better way is to intentionally make room for breaks by dividing your work into smaller pieces and take breaks between.

What if there was a way to both keep your flow AND get the break from the screen?

I am building this product with your focus and deep work as my highest priority.
Because that is what I care about.
I want you to feel good about the work you did at the end of the day.

Which I think Employee Wellness is all about; employees going home from work feeling well.

It all starts with

  1. A Short Break From Work.
  2. That you do a lot of times.
  3. Over a longer period of time.

So, why should you listen to me?

  • I know a thing or two about how to work independently (I’ve been doing it for 20+ years)
  • I’ve probably done every mistake you can do! But I’ve learned from it and improved

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