How to create a challenge in Slack

Step 1

Pick a challenge

To create a challenge, simply head over to the app home tab and pick one of the three challenges I created for you.

Step 2

Configure your challenge

Once you picked a challenge, it is time to configure two things

  1. When you want the challenge to start (so you have time to tell people about it)
  2. Where you want your challenge to take place.

Step 3

Time to sign up!

It is time to announce the challenge to your team so they can start signing up!

To do this, you simply click the “Announce Challenge” button and pick the channel you want to send the announcement to.

Step 4 (what everyone has been waiting for)

Start the challenge!

When the time comes to start the challenge, it will be locked for modification and you will instead see a “start challenge” button.

Pressing this button will start the challenge and post a message to the channel you selected pinging all the participants that the challenge has started.

Step 5

When the challenge is running

For everyone who is part of the challenge, there will be a little notice about the challenge in a few places in the app

  • App home
  • Good morning reminders
  • Regular reminders
  • Using the command /shortbreak

Step 6

Challenge expires, time to rate your effort!

When the time for the challenge expires, every participant will get a message asking for how they think it went.

Step 7

Let's see those results!

Two days after the challenge is completed, a summary will be sent to the channel that you selected when you configured the challenge.

This will include everyone’s rated effort in a nice summary.

Step 8


Now all you need to do is to repeat the steps again.

There will be more fun challenges added soon!