How I created the reminders for you to take a break in Slack

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Slash commands One simple command to set them up

Most of the times, you know what your day looks like right when it's about to happen.

Sometimes I barely know what my day looks like up to very last hour.

Not very optimal, I know, but I'm fine with not being able to plan everything.

For these times, I simply type this command and pick one of the options.

/shortbreak reminder

Pick one of the options

  • In one hour
  • In two hours
  • Or.. specify a time down to the minute

For us productivity nerds Pomodoro timers when you need total focus

I'm a productivity nerd and needed an easy way to start another pomodoro when the last one ended.
So I added one!

Just run this command and there will be a new button available for you next time you create a reminder or finished a break.

/shortbreak pomodoro
or just..
/shortbreak 🍅

Set it and forget it Set your own schedule

You might already know what you day looks like or maybe you have full control over your time (lucky you)?

Breaks on a schedule is the perfect option for you.

  • Click the ⚙️ Reminder settings button in the Short Break From Work app home.
  • Create your schedule
  • Set it to be sent the same time every day

Good morning reminders Plan your day each morning

I've tried working on a schedule. But I just can't do it. Each day is too different.

But that's what doing creative work is all about.

I do my planning in the morning and to not have to remember the breaks, I get this friendly notification every morning.
It shows me my current weekly stats so I get a check in to see "how I'm doing".

Set it up by clicking the ⚙️ Reminder settings button in the Short Break From Work app home.

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