Take a break in Slack

Slack: Take breaks and set reminders for yourself

The two main components of the app are Breaks and Reminders

Here is a short demo of how these two features work together


Wath video: Short break from work - Basics

Take a break

Simply write this slash command and hit enter.


Set a reminder

Using the same command, but telling it what to do in more detail

/shortbreak reminder

Are you ready to give your team a break?

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⚡️ Get your energy up and your body moving

Set reminders so you can loose yourself in your work

👋 Make new connections by pairing up and taking breaks together

😅 Engage people in fun and healthy challenges

📈 Track your progress with actionable analytics

All done async..

All done in Slack..

All there when you need it and out of your way when you don't.