Give people a break from your PowerPoint

In return, you will get their attention your entire presentation.
And that is why you wanted from them in the first place, right?

What you get...

Over 50 slides ready to be added to your presentation

No need to come up with things to do. I've done it for you!

Neatly organized into three categories

The breaks are grouped into three easy to understand categories so you can quickly find the type of break you want to add.

Drag and drop into your PowerPoint

It is actually as simple as it sounds.

  1. Drag
  2. Drop
  3. Present
  4. 🙌

Hey there

I have been in so many online meetings this year where people crammed as much information as they could into the presentation.

And I am exhausted!

But you know, I am guilty of doing the same thing!

So I started adding some slides to my presentation. Slides with breaks.

And I noticed people coming back after the break feeling refreshed and ready to give ME their attention.

And now you can use them in your presentation too!

/ Tobias